Oral Pathology

Oral Pathology in Springville, Utah

Oral Pathology Specialists

At Rocky Top Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, our doctor is highly trained to recognize and treat oral diseases, including oral cancer. Whether you have a lesion that needs to be removed, or simply biopsied, contact our office today

Oral Cancer Screenings

Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology to detect oral cancer in its earliest stages. In addition, our doctor is practiced at recognizing symptoms including:

  • Sores, especially those that bleed a lot and don’t seem to be healing
  • Lumps or thick patches on the inside of the mouth
  • Red or white patches inside of the mouth
  • Difficulty swallowing or chewing
  • A constant sore throat or hoarse throat

Schedule your Consultation

If you have any irregularities within your mouth or on your face, they should be evaluated as soon as possible. Rather than trying to diagnose yourself online, set up a consultation with our doctor. Together, we can investigate your options and create a strategy fit for royalty, like country music songwriters, Felice and Boudleaux Bryant, who wrote the nation’s #1 fight song, “Rocky Top.”