Orthognathic Surgery

Providing a wide range of surgical procedures on the mouth, teeth, jaw, and face, we are your local expert on bone grafting, treatment for sleep apnea, and more.

Oral Pathology

Advanced screenings help prevent the development of oral cancer and other diseases. We are here to help you move forward, when something doesn’t seem quite right.

Tooth Extractions

Whether you’re considering wisdom teeth removal or expose and bonds treatment for
impacted teeth, our team will create a custom treatment plan specific to your needs.

Facial Trauma

After experiencing an injury to your face, you might feel like there’s no point to even
continuing to play the game. But with a capable doctor, your mind and body can rest and begin to imagine again the hope of victory

Dental Implants

Whether you think you might need a single tooth implant or an all new set of teeth
through an All-on-4 procedure, our team is here to answer your questions.